Welcome to the Firm Foundation Partnership (FFP), a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC), Lakeland, FL, whose purpose is to glorify God by seeking to call the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) back to it’s reformed roots: the Bible and the Westminster Confession of Faith & Catechisms.

 The FFP was constituted with this purpose because many in the PCA believe our church’s trajectory is leading us away from orthodoxy and bringing us into a time of crisis.  This crisis is caused by the incursion into the church of ideas and practices that seek to “improve upon” biblical means for the spread of the Gospel and growth of Christ’s Church.  As you investigate these ideas and practices listed in the “Issues” section above, you will see that our secular culture has influenced the agenda of many PCA men and organizations to cause the Church to become “more like” those around them rather than to be distinct from the world.  We in the FFP believe this is precisely the wrong approach and seek in these pages to demonstrate that point.

The good news of recent days is the action by the 48th General Assembly as described by TE Todd Pruitt. We pray for positive responses in the Presbyteries.

We offer this web site for God’s glory and the good of Christ’s church.  Please take the time to investigate the issues contained herein beginning by clicking on the Home button at the top and prayerfully form your thoughts on how you should react.  Feel free to contact us at info@firmfoundationpartnership.com with any questions you may have.


May God be glorified through your diligent efforts to know Him better,
The Firm Foundation Partnership