The Presbyterian Church in America Is in Crisis

Dear PCA Family,


The Presbyterian Church in America is in crisis. The PCA has drifted from its conservative roots, and Progressives are moving our denomination in the direction of a New Liberalism that was not intended by our founders. Jude 3 & the PCA is asking for your help addressing this accelerating liberal drift.


The 2010 general assembly was important for Progressives: Tim Keller offered his “big tent” presentation titled “What’s So Great about the PCA,” and the new PCA Strategic Plan presented by Bryan Chapell was approved. These two documents are foundational for understanding Progressive efforts in the PCA. The “big tent” presentation diminished the importance of Presbyterian doctrine, and the Missional-ism endorsed in the Strategic Plan began diminishing the biblical priorities of Reformed doctrine and worship.


Please know we are not assigning motives. We believe most moderate Progressives are attempting to change the culture and our churches for the better. But moderates and their more radical progressive leaders are in serious error, and their progressive trajectory ultimately leads to a New Liberalism that has undermined and will continue to undermine the PCA.


The Firm Foundation Partnership is committed to the purity and the peace of Christ’s church, and we ask you to pray for God’s blessing as we embrace those priorities while addressing issues like Critical Theory, social justice, celibate homosexuals in our pulpits, the compromise of our confessional standards, and the influence of Progressives in the PCA’s agencies and institutions.


Please know we will proceed graciously but firmly in the direction of reforming the worship and work of the PCA. And please consider going beyond simply reading the case we make for reformation of our denomination. Consider acting now, requiring your teaching and ruling elders to return our churches and denomination to the conservative biblical foundation prescribed by our founders.


We offer this website for God’s glory and the good of Christ’s church.


In His service,

Jude 3 & the PCA